And I said, Hey! Girl with one eye…

At the risk of sounding like an absolute phony, I generally don’t mind Monday mornings all that much. New week, fresh start, blah de blah blah.

This particular Monday morning though, I feel like I could have done with an extra day off. My eyeballs are on the verge of falling out of my head. Some last-minute, urgent documents appeared on my desk Friday afternoon (which needed to be done for Monday morning, naturally), so I had a technical writing marathon this weekend.

This doesn’t happen too often. And it probably wouldn’t have been so bad, had I not had eye surgery the other week. Just a touch-up on my right eye though, which is now super clear compared to the gentle fuzziness of my left. As a result, eye strain ensued while I was parked in front of my computer for a total of 16 hours. By the end, I was doing this tragic sort of drunken lurch towards the computer screen and back again, squinting with mouth slightly agape, closing one eye for better focus. I was also perched upon this wonderful Sit Active cushion – gifted to me by my sister on my 30th birthday, as a pre-emptive strike against poor posture that apparently comes with ageing – which also happens to look like something made for hemorrhoid sufferers.

I glammed up the whole situation though (well, lets not kid myself – made the situation somewhat enjoyable), by setting up office at my sunny kitchen table, lighting some deliciously scented candles and putting on a beautiful playlist (Ambient Icelandic Stargazing on Songza), while drinking mugs of warm lemon water and wearing slipper booties.

While it wasn’t the most ideal way to spend the weekend, I got ‘er done. And, this upcoming weekend is a three-day break for me, so guess who’s going to be making up for lost time?


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