We adopted a kitten. Except…

…his mannerisms are suspiciously similar to those of a dog.


We named him Loki and he plays fetch. Which, most of the time, turns into a competition between him and Leila-dog. Leila often wins because of her size advantage. Loki’s quick enough (and smart enough) to stay out of her path. Most of the time.

He eats food that is inadvertently dropped on the kitchen floor. If no food is dropped, he begs for it by meowing persistently.


And, he drinks out of the toilet bowl! I’m trying to discourage this behaviour (and not just because I think there is going to be the inevitable fall into the bowl).


We brought him home two months ago and it took him no time at all to settle into his new surroundings. He’s also doubled in size already! And, he’s proven to be the perfect addition to round out our little gang.


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