Leila_car_ride horses Leila_road phil and dad

I may be running the risk of breaking some unwritten rule about hating Mondays, but I’m sorry guys. I had a great Monday.

Probably because it was preceded by a great weekend and those vibes just carried over.

It was my birthday and it was the perfect balance of family, friends and one-on-one time with Phil, along with equal parts lazy down-time and late-night shenanigans.

It was also the complete opposite of last year’s birthday, which I celebrated by hoofing it through a NZ forest for a half-marathon. Haha. Each is perfect in its own right.

My favourite part was heading out to the farm yesterday, to have dinner with my parents. It was beautiful outside and everything was so calm and serene and if there were to be a “worst” part of the weekend, it’d have to be coming back to the city.

But then again, we caught this sunset on the drive home, so maybe it wasn’t that terrible after all.

photo sunset2









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