Sunday, the unplugged version

Kananaskis sign

Maybe it’s because the days are a bit warmer and a bit longer (just slightly, on both accounts!) and because I feel like I’ve had a fresh start of sorts and am excited for life and love and all good things…that I’m letting go of all those silly, ridiculous things I can’t change and don’t care for. The things that don’t make me feel good. I’m spending less time with my laptop, tv, phone, couch, desk. More time with the people I love; doing the things I love. 

So, when I unplugged from the world on Sunday, I took off to Kananaskis  to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the rural landscape and watch these two run amuck and play in the snow. If this isn’t therapeutic, I don’t know what is.

Phil and Leila1 Phil and Leila3

Leila face in snow Phil and Leila5

Phil fixing boot

And I couldn’t resist adding a photo of Phil fixing my boot for me. He’s such a gentleman ;).


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