Yes, I know not everyone who has a DSLR qualifies as a real “photographer”.

But, despite my lack of talent, I still had the privilege of being the photographer at an engagement party on the weekend! I had never done something like that before and I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t a bit apprehensive about it at first. Although I’ve had my DSLR for almost two years now (and taken one beginner’s photography class), I haven’t been practicing all that much. I think I’ve used it twice since moving to New Zealand. But seeing as how “Improve my photography skills” is on my life to-do list, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to put what I’ve learned to good use.

It was such a fun night and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to interact with almost every person in the room (and there were quite a few party guests there to interact with!). I’m not sure what was going on with my voice though, because I was asked several times if I’m Irish? Maybe I had gone into character. And there were times when I felt like a creepy stalker (getting those “casual, unsuspecting” shots). But by the end of the night I had embraced it and for kicks, I  was hiding behind a curtain and peeking out to take pictures. (I’m sure this made some people uneasy, but it was at least entertaining to myself and a few others. Heehee.)

My elation at holding a photographer position for all of six hours was quickly smothered when it came to the part of sorting and editing hundreds of photos though. I knew it was a time-consuming process, but whoa. Newfound appreciation for those whom photographize as their profession!

The whole experience has definitely inspired me to take my camera out more often and learn some new tricks.


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