A letter to my beloved Queenstown

Dear Queenstown:

We may have been apart for almost five years, but you welcomed me back with open arms. For five incredible days, I was charmed by the love spell you cast upon me and became even more enamoured with you.

I snowboarded down your beautiful mountains. I rode your gondola to take in sweeping panoramic views at sunset. I ate my way around town – Fergberger fed me three times alone! I took in as many Winter Festival events as I could. I think the Dog Derby was my favorite. People and dogs sliding/running down a ski hill amongst unsuspecting skiers and snowboarders? I was breathless from laughter and completely surprised there were no calamities. I met wonderfully like-minded people and drank with them in many of your fine drinking establishments. I slept more fitfully than I have in months.

To say I was sad to leave you again is a gross understatement. I feel like I’m home when I’m with you. But I will always remember the amazing time you showed me. And I promise I won’t be jealous if you see other people and show them an equally good time. Your love is the kind that needs to be shared. I cannot keep it all for myself.

I forewarn you though – I will be back for more. I won’t stop at my own sloppy seconds. I’m thirsty for thirds too!

You are forever in my heart.





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