Checking in before I check out

I’m resurfacing!

I wish I could say that I’ve been soooo busy and haven’t had time to write. Although I have been preoccupied, it has definitely not been overwhelmingly so.

As of late though, a few things to note:

– First and foremost, acknowledging my wonderful father for Father’s Day! I had been trying to hunt down a card for him to no avail…then I found out that Father’s Day in NZ isn’t celebrated until September. So I made him a super awesome hand-crafted card (let’s not kid ourselves – it wasn’t all that awesome but it gave me an excuse to COLOUR). So, my dear par par, I hope your day was brilliant! If not…you’ll be getting a do-over come September. Hurray! I love you to the moon!

– I went to my very first professional rugby game – All Blacks vs Ireland. And we had the greatest seats I’ve ever had for a sporting event! (Ooooh wait. There were the NHL games in the executive suite with free booze…and the lower bowl seats behind Kiprusoff…but these were the greatest seats I’ve had in the past year then ;)).There are quite a few Ireland fans in these parts, but even though All Blacks won, the Irish fans are renown for being good sports and took their loss in stride (read: no drunken riots).

We rushed in just in time to see the haka, which was the part of the night I had been anticipating the most.

–  Then I went to a going-away party for M, one of the girls that also did the Rotorua Big O trail run (she’s part of the Lulu Lemon team with Marjo). It was probably the most fun night out in Auckland I’ve had so far. We started off with drinks on a gorgeous private boat, then headed into town for a wine tasting, followed by drinks and dancing. It was so much fun, I almost forgot the reason we were out in the first place. It was sad to have to say bye to such a great girl!

 –  And now the reason I’m checking out…I’m bound for Queenstown tomorrow!! I haven’t been this excited about something in ages.  I’m going to get my snowboarding fix (it wasn’t easy knowing I missed out on an awesome season back home) and take in all of the other events going on for their Winter Festival celebration. Hockey and dodgeball games, sheep races, murder mysteries, markets, night skiing, suitcase races, dog derbies, workshops and ski/snowboard competitions…it’s amazing how much is going on. I’ll be there for almost five out of the ten days, but it was still so hard to decide which days to go down.

Looking forward to sharing some great pictures and stories when I get back!


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