Thursday, Ferris Bueller Style

What does one do when one’s dog needs to vacate the house for the day?

Take the day off work and go on an adventure!

There was inspection stuff going on at the house, so we all had to disappear for awhile. Armed myself with coffee, a map and directions for the drive out of the city. Not that I usually write out directions. Especially when I have a day to kill and I wouldn’t have minded if I ended up somewhere else. It’s all beautiful and demands to be discovered.

Scenic morning drive out to explore a new area + furry four-footed company + that magnificent feeling of freedom = absolute euphoria.

Leila-dog and I  did a hike out at the Clevedon Nature Reserve, then headed out to Tapapakanga Regional Park- we had the entire place to ourselves. It was perfect, although a bit creepy at times. It was so beautiful, yet completely deserted! I wondered what everyone else might have known that I didn’t…

Discovered there are a few of these frames in the Auckland area. This was just like the one we posed in at Shakespeare Regional Park a few months ago:

However, this time I didn’t have companions to take photos. Sometimes self-timer pictures while balancing the camera on a backpack don’t quite have the same effect:

Carrying Leila over these fences required some strength and balance:

So we took a break. Leila chased after things in the grass that only she could see, while I found some great seashells:

And then we ran into these guys, and I said aloud “Moo shall not pass!” and I laughed to myself. So, if you’re wondering “If Carolyn makes a laaaame joke and there’s no one around to hear it, does she still think it’s funny?”.

The answer is yes.

After a few hours of hiking and trekking, I headed back to the city for some in-house yoga at Lulu Lemon Ponsonby. Capped the night off with dessert first at the Chocolate Boutique, followed by the “best pizza in Parnell” at Non Solo Pizza. We sat in the enclosed patio area – so lovely, with wrought iron furniture, ivy covered walls, fountains and strings of lights. I haven’t been to Paris (yet), but it’s how I imagine it to be!

Happiness is: spontaneous weekday adventures.


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2 Responses to Thursday, Ferris Bueller Style

  1. Alan Hoiland says:

    Lol! “Moo shall not pass!” Cows with guns?
    Looked like a fun day. So envious…

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