Bring to me all of the pizza!! Plus, some Friday Favorites

I’m multitasking in the sense that I am blogging while keeping my eye on this handy little feature by Domino’s:

My hangover hunger demands satisfaction and it’s slightly assuaged by the fact that I can track my pizza and have a pretty good idea of when it will arrive at my doorstep.


I had been compiling a list of my favorite things, but it didn’t actually get posted on Friday. Friday ended up being a night of drinks with coworkers. We started at about 4:30 and I lasted until 11:30. (That was kind of embarrassing until I realized it still added up to seven hours of shenanigans.)  I spent more on the cab ride home than I did at the bars (to be fair though, it is a pricey cab fare from Ponsonby over here to the North Shore). Starting with wine on a night out is a poor life decision that I should have learned by now.

Anyway, again. Some of the little things!

  • Sunsets at Matawai beach
  • Daisies! In something other than a conventional vase (this is my Bavarian beer mug I scooped up at the Takapuna market for ONE MONIES! Er, dollar. Yes, these are the flowers I bought in honor of my dear mum for Mother’s Day.

    • Enjoying a homemade smoothie in the sunny backyard with Leila after a grueling trail run.

    • Feeling the Skype love from people back home. Always a good time.

    I was out-Frenching my Frenchman and thought I’d just leave it on for subsequent Skype conversations. (Read: I forgot I had drawn on my face while talking to Phil. It took me a few moments to realize why Quinn burst into laughter and asked if I was drunk when I answered her Skype call.)

  • Stopping to chat with people on the street while walking Leila. Another perk of owning a dog is that it makes you more approachable! Some are strangers and some are people in the neighborhood I’ve talked to before. The ones I’ve talked to before usually remember Leila’s name and not mine. haha! (I can’t even be jealous. I’m proud that my friendly little fur ball leaves such a lasting impression.)
  • The International Comedy festival was in town. A crew of us went to check out a comedian who is the boyfriend of Marjo’s coworker. He was interactive and funny and didn’t single us out to make fun, so I liked him.
  • Movie theaters with a liquor license? Yes please! (Never mind the part where I was so sleep deprived going into the movie that the wine made me super snoozy). I’ll have to watch “The Five Year Engagement” again, but from what I recall, it was pretty funny.
  • Began with a sunset, so I’ll end with a sunrise. Although it’s winter now and colder and rainier and darker, I like my morning walks with Leila more now (kinda). We get to catch some pretty beautiful morning skies. And leaving the house in the dark makes me feel as though I’m up earlier than I need to be and I’m not running late for work yet.


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