The Orewa 10.5 km Beach Run (also, Why I Punished my Lazy Self)

It’s been a little while since I last participated in a race. The last one was a half-marathon in Kelowna and after that, I took a break. My body demanded it. More specifically my battered knee that, even while encased in a fiberglass monstrosity to keep my ACL and MCL from moving all over the place, was starting to get a little fed up with all this running business.

Matching shoes, shorts and shirts. I’d like to say that it wasn’t planned, but I don’t even know anymore.

We “forgot” to pick up our race bibs the day before. You could tell who got theirs on race day because they had ran out of “half a half” bibs and had to improvise…

Fast forward a year or two, and I found myself signing up for the Orewa Beach Run. I had been getting back in my running groove since moving to NZ, but my routine was derailed when I went back to Canada for three weeks.

I decided to do the Auckland half-marathon later this year and what better way to kick off training than with a 10.5 km run?!

The course was pretty spectacular. Along the beach for a few km (I may have been heavily distracted for this portion of the race by the beautiful view),  which led into a nature reserve, then onto the road for a bit before looping back. I found that the changes in scenery made the race go by relatively quick.

The three Lulu Lemon-ers and Les Mills-ner.

Probably not the best course to set a personal best though, as there were a few spots where it was bottle-necked. Good thing I set a lofty goal of ten kilometers in one hour. Then I found out it was actually ten and a half kilometers but I still did it in an hour so I’m pretty sure I just showed myself who’s who. (???)

We celebrated afterwards with a delicious breakfast and bowls of coffee and heaps of water. Even though Carolyn of yesteryear would probably smack me upside the head if I classified this as a “Sunday Funday”, it was still a feel-good day and it motivated me to get back into my routine and work harder.

*Pauses for sip of wine*


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