…well, it wasn’t that much of a tantrum to return to New Zealand from my three week stint in Canada. But since I won the Air NZ auction and flew back in Premium Economy, the bar has now been taken to new heights. My next flight home is in September, where I’ll be back where I belong in Economy. Oh the humanity. (I’ve never flown anything but Economy before, so I felt like a princess. Imagine if I were flying First Class? My head would probably explode.)

I had strategically planned my upgrade bid. I figured flying back in comfort would be a nice distraction from the fact that I had to leave Boyfriend again. For maybe another six months! 😦

My travel kit included purple socks?! (See? Distracted before we even left the ground.)

And my meal came in several courses?!

And I needed another tray to hold my extra booze and dessert?! Good thing the seats next to me were empty.

Anyway. Transitioning back to Kiwi life was made a bit easier by a company retreat to Auckland’s Zen Gardens.

Beautiful place to satisfy the eyes, heart and soul.

And any place that has tree houses is A-OK in my books!


Ps. All this amazing photography was done with my Blackberry.

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