Sunday Funday – Auckland Sky Tower Jump

I was on the edge of the Sky Tower’s platform, 195 meters above the ground and started to belt out a howling rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. It was Daffy’s fault. She referenced the Titanic movie because I was standing out on the ledge, holding onto cables on either side of me, like an homage to the iconic Jake-and-Rose-at-the-bow-of-the-ship scene. Then she abruptly cut me off with the 3-2-1 countdown, so I shut up and jumped.

I fell a little ways, before the cable attached to the back of my harness tightened and I was suspended in the air. I had a few moments to give a little wave up at Daffy holding the camera, then I was released, falling at a speed of 83 km per hour. I didn’t get the stomach-flipping sensation I had while skydiving or when I did the Canyon Swing, but I felt more present during the descent and could actually form real thoughts instead of it all being a blur. Like, focusing on the red bulls-eye that was growing closer and closer beneath me and thinking “I wonder if Target has opened up its chain in Canada yet”. Ugh, kidding. (Not kidding?)

After about ten seconds, the slack tightened and I was coming into the landing pad a little more slowly. However, when my feet touched the ground, I still crumpled into a giggling ball in the middle of the target and lolled around there for a few moments with as much grace as a gazelle with vertigo. Aaaaand, this was all caught on film. From the insulting seranade (sorry, Celine), to the ragdoll landing. It’s amazing how quickly I forgot that a camera was strapped to my wrist.

So thank you Daffy, my Canadian friend, for the sweet hookup. It was an awesome Sunday Funday!

Killing time in the Sky Tower gift shop…$2200? SERIOUSLY?! Apparently I’m not rich enough to be a legit Lord of the Rings fan :(.

….I’ll take my aggression out on you then, jurk!

Rejection’s gotta hurt more when it’s from a guy like this.

Still more time to kill before 3 pm…

Much like the Calgary Tower, the Auckland Sky Tower is a revolving restaurant! I can’t wait to go back up there to enjoy the view for longer than five minutes (Marjo and the two Icelandic guys also doing the jump were more than willing to let me go first).


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