Weekly Wanderlusts

I’ve been trying this new thing I call my Weekly Wanderlust.

The point of Weekly Wanderlust is simply to make me more aware that I’m experiencing something new at least once a week. Whether it be something extreme (like jumping off the Sky Tower), or something a little more trivial (like grabbing a coffee from a new cafe on my way to work), it has to be something/somewhere I haven’t seen/done/eaten before. There’s no shortage of things to see/do/eat here, but I realize how easy it is to get caught up in a regular routine and lose sight of how much more this wonderful place has to offer.

So, I’m into the fourth week of January and although I’ve done more than just four new things (how often do I get to play the role of over-achiever?!), this is just a sampler.

First week – One Tree Hill! It’s a volcanic cone right in the heart of Auckland. It doesn’t actually HAVE the tree that the “One Tree” refers to. That one was cut down in 2000 by a “foreign usurper” (thanks, Lonely Planet!). It’s a beautiful historical site though, with amazing views of the city.

We followed that up with a trip to to Kiwi Yo, a new self-serve frozen yoghurt place in Mission Bay that allows you complete control over your confectionary creations.

Second week – my first BodyPump session. I work in the head office for an international health and fitness company, so I get to combine my love for sweating with my techy career. Amazing work environment with inspiring people, and I actually enjoy group classes now.

Third week – Fairy Falls for a hike with my sister and Leila-dog! I came across this destination on the Fetch magazine website. They feature beautiful walks and hikes that you can do with your dog. This site was kind of a life-saver. Leila is a super-active, outdoorsy dog but with the restricted hours dogs are allowed on the beach and the amount of hikes, parks and beaches that are off-limits to dogs entirely, I was getting a little discouraged. I was running out of new, interesting places I can take her.

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