Scammy Jerks at Concerts Who Don’t Follow the Rules. Or, How I Maximized My Foo Experience

December 13, 2011

Back home on Canadian soil, as soon as someone said the words “So-and-so is coming to town on [insert date], do you want to go?!” I would immediately be all wishy-washy and uncertain and apprehensive and the like. Why would someone who has proclaimed to loooove live music for so many years be so hesitant to go to a concert put on by a super awesome artist or band?

(Especially when I have a tendency to dress like the lead singer. This was kind of an embarassing discovery. I have a magazine article where he was wearing something very similar. Lookimee, I’m Dave Grohl!)

Anyway, I figure it’s because of the typical concert experience I’ve endured time and time again. Unfortunately for me, going to see one of my favorite bands means that in order to get an awesome view, I need to be right up there in the mob of jumpy, shovey, drunky people. I don’t like that. I haven’t liked that since I was 19 and tore my ACL in a mosh pit (hahahahaha to all those people I totally lied to about how I tore my ACL. Ten years later and I come clean!….Ten years? Ugh, gross. I mean like five).

The Foo Fighters show in Auckland was probably one of the greatest shows I’ve been to. I’ve been to the Foo a few times before and I know they always put on a good show, but Auckland was a completely different experience. First of all, seeing the Foo in Canada meant the venue was most likely in an arena. In Auckland, it meant being outdoors in a field, bordered by an embankment. A natural amphitheatre.

Marjo and I were supposed to have Embankment tickets (read: spectate the show from about a quarter mile away on a slippery slope – it rained all day – with thousands of other people). The rest of the people we were with had Field tickets. So, we did something I would not have normally considered doing – we shamelessly scammed our way to better seating.

The Field ticket scanner machines were a cachophony of “beep BEEP…beep BEEP!” Then I go through, and the guys’ scanner goes “Bleep do bloop bloop” and my face froze and my mind raced and I figured I could at least suggest that his batteries were dying, but he didn’t even look at me, just thrust my ticket back at me and I rushed through, hoping Marjo had the same sort of luck, which she did, so BAM! So easy, I felt almost guilty. ALMOST.

We also managed to find ourselves at the front of the merchandise line, as well as the beer line. Believe it or not, I did feel guilty but that’s the beauty of it here – everyone jumps the line! And there’s no sour, snarky comments. Such a chill vibe – everyone is so laid back and just wants to have a good time. And I figure it was karma repayment because I let a not-so-inconspicuous beer-line-jumper in front of me during the World Rugby Cup festivities. Yep, a true philanthropist over here.

Everyone rocked hard in the rain…so hard, that the 50,000 concert goers caused tremors the whole time the Foo Fighters were on stage!

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